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Water is Priceless

My recent work explores the role of water in our lives and the impending water scarcity that will affect parts of our planet in the near future. A hydroponic herb garden, made from upcycled water bottles, triggers animations which tell the stories of water, whilst a barcode scanner triggers a webcam that captures the audience's image and refracts it into a mosaic of images of water.


About My Work

My work is predominately site-specific Installation and explores the juxtaposition and conflicts of new media with the ‘natural world’, utilising text, film, animation, photography and the Web. I am interested in the application of social permaculture in my art practice to interrogate the areas of seed sovereignty and world water scarcity. My work has been exhibited in public gardens, theatres, galleries and on television.








Bones, from Seed Haiku

Haiku was commissioned by Litfest at Flax:028. A collaboration between Litfest poets, Sarah Hymas and Maya Chowdhry. Using words from the poets Maya and Sarah produced a haiku which they grew in cress seeds. Maya produced a stop-motion film of this and it was exhibited at Litfest.
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